Have you ever wanted to be in a movie musical?!


AGES 7-17

75 Vernon Street, Newton, MA

Tuesdays and Fridays
5:00pm-7:00pm or 5:30pm-7:30pm
(let us know if either time is an issue - we want to accommodate everyone we can)
September 22nd-November 20th
$699 (early registration before 9/11)
$799 (regular price)

Join us this fall as we choose a popular Broadway show to tackle, and over the course of 8 weeks, we'll work in depth on the scenes, songs, and dances from it with our amazing team of directors, musical directors, choreographers, and special Broadway guests! Together as a cast we'll pick a popular musical to put on!


We'll rehearse for the show twice a week in person with special policies in place to make sure everyone is safe. The staging of the show is going to be done in a way that we can film it like a movie - complete with costumes, props, and more!


Family, friends, and the public will get to watch you from their homes shine on the big screen for the final performance!

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