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Hear what people are 
saying about us

"I want to thank you again for the amazing job you and your staff did with this program. Eliza had an absolutely amazing experience and you brought out the best in her with your close coaching, directing and encouragement. The staff to student ratio is incredible. All of the kids did an amazing job, and everyone seemed so happy." 

-Sarah F., Parent 

"The kids were really inspired to work hard as a team and create some "magic".  They learned how to make puppets and stage art and dance and sing in a very short period. It was a real self-esteem builder for my daughter to have helped create a real "event" with pianoaccompaniment, lighting, props, and costumes. This was well worth it!"

-Lili Griffin, Parent 

Harley, you and your team came through with flying colors! I've already recommended your workshop to several friends. I was thrilled to have you all as role models for Jennifer - she really looks up to you! The final production was a show that rivaled any we've seen. It was totally professional yet fun for all the kids. My daughter came home with smiles every day.

-Karen L., Parent 

WOW!!! What a fabulous show!  Spotlight Productions did an absolutely wonderful job with the kids - not only did they pull a show together in practically no time flat, but they all seemed to have a fabulous time doing it. The magic of the performance we saw on had so much to do with the kids: their spirit and energy and professionalism and drive - but it had just as much to do with the talent and dedication of your team at Spotlight! Congratulations on a good job most excellently done!

-Mimi F., Parent 

"Camp was fun, the people who worked there were nice and very helpful. I want to compliment you and the team again for the wonderful production.  Elizabeth enjoyed every day and feels very accomplished as a result.  It made her very happy, and I was very impressed by how your direction brought out her talents as well as the talents of the whole group."

-David C., Parent 

"What a wonderful experience this camp was for my daughters.....they were so motivated and learned a great deal about performing. We can't wait for next summer!"

-Lyn S., Parent 

"Out of all of the drama programs I have done, this one is definitely the most fun and puts on the best shows!"

-Eliza S., 12 years old 

"I couldn't wait for the day to begin and hated for it to end. I can't wait until next summer!"

-Alana S., 14 years old 

"Spotlight was so much fun. I really liked being with everyone, learning about theatre and loved the singing and dancing. This is my 3rd production with Spotlight and can't wait until next time!"

-Marisa S., 9 years old 

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